• About PrivacyGuard

    About PrivacyGuard

    PrivacyGuard membership includes access to your online Credit Report, your Credit Score and access to our fraud resolution service who could help if you're the victim of Identity Theft. Once you've claimed your credit report, we will watch over your credit profile, help you monitor it, and if you need us to, help you regain it.

Unfortunately there are a few popular myths that exist about Credit Scores, so let's look at a few of these first and put the facts straight:

  • Checking your own Credit Report doesn't change or harm your Credit Score.
  • You do not have a single universal Credit Score - all lenders use their own individual assessment criteria to score a customer's credit worthiness, so your score will differ accordingly.
  • Lenders will not tell you the score they've given you and are not obliged to. Lenders generate these scores for their own internal use.

These are the real facts about Credit Scores and how they work:

  • A Credit Score is a numerical value given to you by a lender based on the information you provide to them on your application, along with your Credit Report.
  • Once the lender has created their own unique Credit Score for you they use it to help them decide whether to lend to you or not, and in relevant situations, what interest rate you should pay.
  • The greater your score, the more likely you are to be successful in your application for credit.
  • Your Credit Score will not be changed or harmed by any checks you make on your own Credit Report.
  • The Credit Score we give you is based on the same information lenders typically use.
  • Our score is designed to give you a greater insight into how your details may be assessed when you apply for credit – but remember every lender will create their own unique Credit Score for you.
  • Rest assured, lenders will not have access to the Credit Score we give you; it's produced for your information only, and is intended as a helpful guideline.

Could high interest rate charges be due to your credit score?

It's very common to choose to take out a loan to make a high-cost purchase such as a new car. However, a lender such as a car dealership will always check your Credit Report and they will also generate a Credit Score using their own criteria. If there are any issues they could choose to set your interest rate at a high level.

Unfortunately this means the manageable level of debt you were expecting to take on could quickly become a financial burden. But by using your Credit Score from PrivacyGuard as well as your Credit Report you could find the help and advice you need to improve.

Call on our expertise

Your PrivacyGuard membership means you'll be able to:

  • Contact our team of experts via our freephone service.
  • With their help you can understand more about how to improve your Credit Score, and maybe over time you could even reduce your interest rate charges.
  • You can also enjoy the benefits of our Credit Monitoring Service, which helps you to prevent any suspicious activity from affecting your Credit Profile.