• My Personal Credit Report

    Regular access to your Credit Report and credit score

  • 24/7 Credit Profile Monitoring

    Check for any unexpected activity – it could potentially be the first sign of identity fraud

  • Credit Profile Change Alerts

    By email or text

  • Risk Assessment

    Find out how vulnerable you are to identity theft

  • Victim of Fraud Caseworker

    Should you suspect identity fraud, we'll work to put it right

  • Valuable Documents Store

    A safe, central place to store your important documents

Could your identity be at risk?

Protecting yourself against identity theft and identity fraud can be a challenge. The great news is that PrivacyGuard is on your side and you have the comfort of knowing that we'll be working hard on your behalf to keep you aware of threats to your identity.

With PrivacyGuard you get:
  • Your Credit Report - to immediately spot any inaccuracies
  • Expert advice on fraud prevention, including help with correcting any errors on your credit profile
  • Constant monitoring of your Credit Profile, with weekly alerts by email or text
  • A safe, central place to store your valuable documents
  • Plus more benefits to help give you peace of mind and keep your identity safe.

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