• About PrivacyGuard

    About PrivacyGuard

    PrivacyGuard membership includes access to your online Credit Report, your Credit Score and access to our fraud resolution service who could help if you're the victim of Identity Theft. Once you've claimed your credit report, we will watch over your credit profile, help you monitor it, and if you need us to, help you regain it.

Identity protection is important to all of us, but even if you checked your accounts daily it would be difficult for you to know whether any fraudulent activity had been carried out in your name. That's why your PrivacyGuard membership allows you to check your Credit Report online whenever you want.

And to help increase your level of identity theft protection your PrivacyGuard Membership also includes a highly effective Credit Profile Monitoring Service:

  • As soon as you have succesfully validated with Callcredit, a UK credit reference agency, your Credit Profile Monitoring Service begins, watching your financial data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Whenever someone searches or views your credit profile, or if anything significant changes in it, we'll alert you to that activity, good and bad, via weekly SMS or email.
  • If you notice anything unexpected simply contact us and we'll help you to identify what's happened and whether you need to take action.

Could Credit Profile Monitoring help you obtain credit?

A lender will assess your financial position before approving an application for credit. If yours is declined it could be helpful for you to check your Credit Report.

Checking the latest copy of your Credit Report could help you understand what's preventing you from being accepted and address any inaccuracies and allow you to address any inaccuracies. It's also important to have Credit Profile Monitoring in place so you can be alerted to any changes or new events that may damage your Credit Score in the future.

Alerts to help with identity protection

Once you have succesfully validated with Callcredit, a UK credit reference agency, your PrivacyGuard Credit Profile Monitoring Service will start. We'll alert you to any significant events using your choice of SMS or email. The type of activity we'll tell you about will include, but isn't limited to, the following:

  • Searches being made on your credit profile by organisations such as banks or mortgage lenders.
  • New accounts being opened in your name.
  • Dormant accounts being reactivated.
  • Count Court Judgements being recorded against you.

This service could help you stay in control of your credit profile and could help you feel more confident about any future credit applications you make.