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  • Credit card application declined?
  • Paying high interest rates?
  • About PrivacyGuard

    About PrivacyGuard

    PrivacyGuard membership includes access to your online Credit Report, your Credit Score and access to our fraud resolution service who could help if you're the victim of Identity Theft. Once you've claimed your credit report, we will watch over your credit profile, help you monitor it, and if you need us to, help you regain it.

A Credit Report is a record of your personal Credit History and includes details of your financial commitments and personal circumstances including:

  • Credit accounts held in your name including mortgages and credit and store cards.
  • Your repayment history and account balances.
  • Your address and historical address links.
  • Your electoral roll details.
  • Other public financial information held about you, such as details of any Count Court Judgements or debt relief orders.

Contrary to popular belief checking your own Credit Report won't have an impact on your Credit Score or Credit Rating, in fact it's in your interests to keep a close eye on your details to ensure they're correct.

As long as you give your permission your Credit Report can be accessed by a range of organisations to help them decide whether you're creditworthy. These organisations include:

  • Lenders such as banks and building societies who you may have asked for a loan or mortgage.
  • Companies such as car dealerships, retailers, mobile phone contract and utilities providers.
  • Credit card companies and store card providers.

If you're accepted for credit the information in your Credit Report may be used to determine the rate of interest you'll pay. That's why before you apply for a loan or credit card it's well worth finding out exactly how lenders see you by checking your Credit Report.

You could then use your Credit Report to address any inaccuracies before they have an impact, as well as seeking information from the PrivacyGuard team about any other steps you could take.

Refused a mortgage due to your Credit Report?

Do you want to become a homeowner, but have discovered you can't secure a mortgage? What you may not realise is that this could be due to inaccuracies in your Credit Report. These could include:

  • Details of an old account that you haven't closed.
  • A high credit facility available on a credit card you don't use.
  • Errors in your Electoral Roll details.
  • Fraudulent activity that's had a negative impact.

These or other details may mean your credit rating has been negatively affected without you realising it, and this could lead to your mortgage application being refused.

Access our expert advice

The good news is if you're preparing to apply for a mortgage as a PrivacyGuard member you'll be able to:

  • Regularly check your Credit Report.
  • Receive alerts which will warn you about any significant changes to your Credit Profile.
  • Get advice from our specialists who can help you understand your Credit Report and answer any queries you may have.