As a member of PrivacyGuard, you can enjoy regular access to your Credit Report, as well as peace of mind, knowing that we’ll be working on your behalf to keep you aware of threats to your identity.

A comprehensive range of features:

Your own personalised Credit Report – our easy-to-read report allows you to take control of your credit profile. You see the same information that lenders use when deciding whether to give you credit or not. As it details accounts open in your name together with the balances, it also lets you see if anything – such as fraudulent activity – is affecting your profile.

Constant monitoring of your credit profile – we keep a watch on your credit profile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If any significant changes occur, we will let you know so you can check that the change is genuine. If there are no significant changes, we will send you an email or SMS every 3 months confirming this.

Help with correcting any errors on your credit profile – if you spot any errors, just let us know and we will help to get things rectified.

Access to your own fraud adviser should the worst occur - Should you fall victim to identity crime, a fraud adviser will help you through the process of restoring your identity and financial records.

Personalised ID theft risk assessment – our easy-to-use online tool helps you assess your potential vulnerability to identity theft and suggests ways you could reduce the threat.

Cifas Protective Registration – if you inform us that any items containing your personal details are lost or stolen, by registering your details with Cifas, the UK's fraud prevention service, any credit applications made in your name will need to be directly authenticated by you.

Valuable document registration – a safe central place to store important document details so that they can be accessed by our team should they ever be lost or misplaced.

If you have any questions about your PrivacyGuard benefits, please contact our team of experts on 0800 085 2150 or email us at