What PrivacyGuard membership includes

Your membership includes access to your online Credit Report, your Credit Score and access to our fraud resolution service who could help if you're the victim of Identity Theft. Once you've requested and accessed your credit report, we will watch over your credit profile, help you monitor it, and if you need us to, help you regain it.

Your PrivacyGuard Credit Report and Credit Score

  • As part of your PrivacyGuard membership you can access an online copy of your Credit Report and Credit Score.
  • You can log on to your online PrivacyGuard account whenever you choose and order a new Credit Report, check your Credit Score and view any alerts.

PrivacyGuard Credit Profile Monitoring

  • Once we have produced your first Credit Report your 24/7 Credit Profile Monitoring service will start.
  • If someone searches or views your credit profile, or if anything changes, we'll alert you using your choice of SMS or email.
  • PrivacyGuard watches for new accounts in your name, County Court Judgements against you, reactivated dormant accounts and other significant activity.

Personal fraud support from PrivacyGuard

  • If you're a victim of Identity Fraud PrivacyGuard can help you react quickly and efficiently, reducing the time, money and paperwork it normally takes to reinstate your identity.
  • We assign a dedicated Fraud Resolution Specialist who will act on your behalf and help you to manage the process of reinstating your credit status.